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that president barack obama has only quote made the problem worse. >> the president's campaign slogan is this, forward. but for 23 million americans trying to find a job these past four years feel more like backward. >>> for the democrats, joe biden hit the trail today while president barack obama spent the day in washington, d.c. >> it is always america is in decline. i got news for them. romney and ryan are -- america is not in decline you are in denial. >> biden at a rally in keep oshaa, wisconsin. the polls have the -- kenosha, wisconsin. the polls have barack obama ahead in wisconsin. >>> bay area community college is showing students how they will be effected if they fail to pass an ordinance. the classes highlighted in red will only be offered if proposition 30 passes next month. if it fails the district says it will have to cut about 100 classes at the classes in livermore including science, english, math and history coursees. >>> a 27-year-old man was shot and killed. he was standing outside of the halfway house where he lives wait for a ride to work. it happened at 5:45 this morning
another. >> governor romney was paired with paul ryan. >> president obama plans to peek in six states. >> if we have any math teachers out there, you can look in this plan and you'll see that the numbers work. i won't be running the okay on you. >> the president appeared with the vice president in ohio. >> it's called the ipad and it may be the mini gorilla. >> i have your time line coming up. >>> police in oakland are investigating a suspicious car fire overnight. it happened on fruit ville avenue. nearly a dozen people had to e vat vacuate, but no one was hurt. >> the dow fail 1.82 decline. it marked the single biggest fall for the dow. at the same time apple debut a number of new products. why the new ipad has analyst busing. >> we have some really exciting things to show you. >> besides new generation ipad and laptops. >> use ipads in more places and manage places they never have been. >> tech analysts tell me this. >> it will be tremendously successful s it will reset expectations of the consumers. >> it will be a particular interest buzz of its size to children and
that pakistan has arrested the doctor who helped us catch obama's bin laden. it still provides safe haven for terrorists. yet we continue to give pakistan billions of dollars. is it time for us to divorce pakistan? >> no. it's not time to divorce a nation on earth that has 100 nuclear weapons and is on the way to double that at some point. a nation that has serious threats from terrorist groups within its nation. as i indicated before, the taliban, the haqqani network. it's a nation that's not like others and it does not have a civilian leadership that is calling the shots there. you've got the i.s.i., their intelligence organization, probably the most powerful of the three branches there. then you have the military and then you have the civilian goff. this is a nation which, if it falls apart, if it becomes a failed state, there are nuclear weapons there and you've got terrorists there who could grab their hands under these nuclear weapons. this is an important part of the world for us. pakistan is technically an ally. and they're not acting very much like an ally right now but we have w
of their surroundings while using that trail. >>> in and out to our election coverage tonight president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are on whirlwind campaign tours covering many miles in a short amount of time. >> no sleep. we'll start here in iowa. we're going to colorado, then we're going to nevada, then we're going to florida, virginia, ohio. i am going to stop in chicago to vote. >> the president also stopping in california this evening to appear on the tonight show with jay leno. forced to a tight rank with recent polls showing the two candidates in a near dead heat. >> this election is about your family, and families across this country and the choice we make will have an enormous impact on your family. >> for romney, today was a one-day swing through nevada, colorado and iowa. come tomorrow romney is scheduled to embark on a three-stop tour of ohio. no republican has ever been elected president without wing ohio. then-candidate obama carried ohio in 2008. >>> political fall out intensified today over controversial reyes remarks by republican candidate senate. >> that ho
spending, the cap federal spending and finally get us on track to a balanced budget. >> president obama is also on a whirlwind tour of battleground states. today in virginia the president shot back saying romney's economic plans would only hurt the middle class. >> he's hoping you won't remember that he wants to give millionaires and billionaires a $250,000 tax cut because the only way he can pay for that tax cut is by raising your taxes or blowing a hole in the deficit. >> the president took a quick de tour from the campaign trail to take advantage of early voting and cast his own ballot in his hometown of chicago. >>> here in california new polls suggest supported wayning for two measures crucial for the safety of public schools. a new public policy finds 48% of california voters plan to vote yes on proposition 30. support is down from 52% last month. as alex savage explains, educators are bracing for the worse. >> prop 30, the governor's tax measure to fund education falling behind in a new statewide poll. it's disheartening news for tracy eagleside who teaches second grade in berkel
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5